CREATION (design & cutting)


A master draper, Angelo Fair starts every collection in 1 of 2 ways, either draping on a half scale mannequin to study cutting techniques and to determine the silhouettes or paper folding/paper sculpting to test pleating & cutting methods for more structured garments.

It’s from these initial studies that the concept/theme for the collection starts to evolve.

Angelo Fair’s method of draping is unique. He uses his initial training as an English bespoke tailor and all the couture hand work knowledge he obtained from this craft, and merges this with the art of couture draping which he learned in Paris.

What you get is a technique of draping which is more akin to sculpting, where volumes of fabric is pleated, gathered, folded, twisted, and kept in place by various hand stitches.


A 3D design method  used to discover new pleating techniques and new shapes where stiff or more structured garments are being made. It’s also used as a cutting method to determine the potential pattern for the garments once the folds are unwrapped.