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CREATION (design & cutting)


The Angelo Fair brand revolves around creativity and craft. Every design idea is evolved from either moulage or paper sculpting, forgoing sketches and mood boards.

The Technique
Draping, also known as moulage, is an art form unto itself. In a couture house, it’s the skilled hand (main) who is tasked with the creation of garments through the manipulation of cloth like a sculptor.
Akin to a master tailor, a master draper must be gifted with manual dexterity, a precise eye for detail, and have a deep knowledge of cut and construction.

In the process of moulage, Angelo sometimes works in muslin to obtain a 1st draft pattern, but often the designer works directly in the final fabric to create his couture dresses (with no previous toile or pattern).

Paper sculpting or paper modeling is an innovative technique used as a tool of discovery. Through paper sculpting a creator is able to obtain shapes they normally couldn’t achieve by cloth alone as the technique lends itself to garments which require more understructure. The process is done either on a wooden artist dummy or a half scale mannequin in where Angelo is able to find new cutting techniques in the development of his couture pieces.