Collection 4


A 2 piece dress with the main body in a majestic purple draped silk chiffon that’s hand pleated, hand braided, twisted and with no seams.

The dress closes on the right side with a visible hook & eye and a hidden hook & eye closure along the armhole and inside the upper part of the dress.

The upper part is in a floral green silk organza that’s draped, hand pleated and gathered in the shape of a cabbage. The front opening is adorned with white coque feathers.

The back of the dress is adorned with an original painting by Angelo Fair-Hand painted (Acrylic), glass beads and sequins on a black glass computer screen that has been covered with an LCD screen to create a 3D visual effect.

Royal blue silk satin draped and hand pleated seamless no zip dress with hidden closure. The dress is adorned with a sash along the left chest made from twisted and braided tulle and electric cord over hand painted buckram. The electric cord is cut open in the back to expose the wires which are are braided and beaded along a side slit of organza


Tulip green draped twisted and hand pleated silk chiffon dress with no zip and hidden closure The dress is adorned with a rose pink draped and sculpted silk organza bloom flower that covers the right breast and shoulder. The flower has been hand painted and adorned with recycled computer chips, metal bolts/screws, metal hook & eyes, and sequins. A hand embroidered and hand painted petal dripping flower sits on the upper left breast to add to the artwork finished look. The hem is decorated with hand painted and beaded buckram grass.

Spanish yellow silk chiffon hand pleated, braided, twisted and draped seamless dress with no zipper and hidden closure.

The dress is adorned with a sculpted floral drape in Sebastian lavender silk organza. The organza is hand beaded with sequins and bugle beads. The bottom of the dress is decorated with hand painted computer screen glass which has been melted together and backed by organza then suspended with invisible thread to recreate the appearance of falling stain glass.

3 Piece dress. The upper part is Tunisian yellow silk organza that’s been hand pleated and draped in the floral style.

The dress skirt is Atlantis blue cowl draped silk chiffon and the train is in sculpted draped and hand pleated silk organza.

The dress has no zipper and hidden closure. The top of the dress is decorated with a sculpted blue electric wire headpiece which is attached to the upper body.

2 Piece dress. The lower body is in German brown silk chiffon. It’s been draped hand pleated and braided with no zippers and a side hook & eye closure.

The upper part is sculpted, hand gathered and draped German brown silk gazar and Shadow blue silk organza.

The chest is adorned with a cut out and sculpted recycled water bottle chest piece which has been decorated with hand painted and beaded aluminum foil and covered in Resin.

Black silk Georgette hand pleated, twisted, branded and draped dress. The dress is seamless with no zip and a hidden closure. The chest of the dress is adorned with a resin painting chest piece which is decorated with beads, sequins, recycled computer chips, and phone chargers.

A 2 piece jacket with the front in hand tailored soft wool that’s adorned with patch pockets, tailored skeleton baste, and 3D art lapels of hand painted buckram shaped inside of electric wire.

Electric wire decorates the neckline of the jacket and an electric wire sculpture covers the front face.

The back of the jacket is sculpted floral pink silk gazar which has been draped and hand pleated into the shape of a rose head.

A 2 piece slip on dress with the upper part in a sculpted aluminum cape outlined in black satin tape which turns into a bow tie along the bust. Pink coque feathers adorned the back of the aluminum cape. The other part is draped, hand pleated, braided and twisted tulle. A white organza rose completes the front look .

A 2 piece slip on dress with the front part in sculpted draped hand pleated white silk organza and the back in black hand pleated and braided silk chiffon.

The dress is adorned with hand painted recycled water bottles melted with glass computer screens and computer film. The computer film is encrusted and hand beaded on the inside with sequins and bugle beads.

White silk gazar hand sculpted cocoon dress. The dress has no zip with hidden closure. A transparent silk organza body sits inside the dress which has been hand pleated, hand painted, hand embroidered and beaded to show a paint dripping flower.