The Rohini Shaman Collection

Angelo Fair Couture expands its Universe with an eclectic F/W22 Couture Collection, diving into the Ancient & Mystical, it invokes spirits of our early ancestors.

Inspired by the spiritual and mystical practices of ancient civilizations, the designer translates this into a colourful & artistic display of couture craftsmanship. 

What you get is an eclectic and conceptual collection with indigenous craft-like elements done in the most inventive way.

The detail-driven example is an artful silk crepe dress, adorned with an indigenous jungle scene of a pygmy man wearing a hand-painted and hand embroidered war mask, surrounded by apple green hand-painted silk organza leaves.

The designer fashion shapes in the essence of baroque sculptures using silk gazar as a medium. A piece entitled Grotto is a sea of white floating folds surrounded by electric blue hues of tulle. The dress is accentuated by cave art and a wooly rhino tooth necklace to give a primal feel.

The DreamCatcher Dress

The Grotto Dress

The Elisheba Dress

The Iatromantis Dress

The Dogon Dress

The Father Time Jacket

The Pleiades Dress

The Amun Dress

The Chaac Dress