The Father Time Jacket




A one-sleeve jacket with the left side in baroque style sculpted white silk gazar, and the right side in Nero black tailored wool that has been left unfinished in the skeleton base.


A centrepiece displaying a plaster sculpture of Fair’s face has been meticulously layered with hand-painted silk organza and adorned with luxury watch faces by Baume & Mercier. This is complemented with hand-painted satin tape on the jacket lapels that show the name of Nostradamus’s most famous book (Les Propheties)  and the date of his last quatrain, which signifies the end of the world.


The back of the jacket isn’t sewn together, instead, it’s laced up and kept in place by the leather cord from the sculpture.


The satin lapels and the centrepiece sculpture.


The tailored jacket part has a visible canvas with hand-padded lapels and the front is covered in hand-basted threads.