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Taking the road less traveled, Angelo worked for various luxury brands in a technical role before starting his eponymous couture label. This technical background is what allows him to pursue innovation in his cutting techniques. Always in search of a new silhouette, the designer approaches his work with a sculptor’s hand using cloth as his medium instead of clay.


An American whose desire to become a couturier led him on a personal journey across the world of fashion, from the artistry & beauty of Florence to the craftsmanship and under structure of British tailoring and finally to Paris where he learned the preeminence of French drapery and elegance. Each destination portraying fashion differently, whether it’s the way of life, surroundings, expressions of confidence, love or desire, each region has historically used different techniques to bring out the woman’s beauty and essence. The designer’s style is a combination of above, from elegant pieces provoking admiration to more sensual designs capturing attention and attraction.



ANGELO FAIR main de maître is a couture brand based in London.

An experimental cutter and draper, Angelo’s painterly style combines the femininity and drapery of French dressmaking with the severity and structure of English tailoring.

A technician whose technical roots began at FIT in New York. Trained in savile row tailoring, and a former student of the École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, Angelo’s work merges creativity and skill as he drapes, cuts, fits, and hand sews all his own couture prototypes.

All client orders are hand made. Every prototype is a unique piece that’s made to measure only with a limited edition of each style.