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COUTURE (Construction Techniques)

Every Angelo Fair dress is draped with a certain amount of complexity that only allows it to be handmade. Each dress has an underpinning which works as the foundation for the drape. With intricate folding and pleating that’s kept in place by couture stitches, our dresses become the epitome of a couture piece.

The brands connection to English tailoring means we favor the more stiffer military style of tailoring that requires a strong knowledge of internal construction. All of our jackets and coats have a hand built
understructure developed through various couture stitches and techniques. Our tailoring understructures consist of a muslin underlining, horsehair canvas interfacing, and a domette breast pad. In some cases boning, tulle, or buckram have been used to create specific shapes and to give more support for our dramatic silhouettes.