This revealing asymmetrical tulle dress is designed for the woman who wants to stand out.
It has a beautifully moulded Golden Marguerite Yellow Flounce covering the top shoulder and is complimented by a voluminous crisp white sculpted zibeline drape covering the lower right side of the body.The sculpted draping is only rivaled by the detail pleating of the tulle which is all finely hand sewn.

Made from 3 whole pieces of cloth, the Andalusian has no normal seams as everything is incorporated into the layering and draping of the fabrics.
A dress that can only be made through sculpting, a true testament of couture. A crocodile bust strap adds another dash of luxury to a beautiful work of art.

An alluring and unique dress that will set you apart at any evening party or gala event.

Styled with vintage Cornelia James leather gloves.

Shoulder flounce: 100% silk organza
Dress main fabric: Soft stretch polka dot tulle
Dress right side skirt: Silk and cotton Zibeline
Back bust strap: Crocodile

100% Silk

Made to measure
8 weeks delivery time frame
2 fittings
Handmade in Paris
Price upon request